Cold War, Kids

Kiss Me Deadly – I suppose there aren’t a lot of theaters playing this forgotten thing, so I’m kind of giving away where I was stealing from, but somehow I’m not worried.

I am, however, worried about other things.  Like how little research is necessary to make a movie.  I would imagine things are slightly improved now, but some of the notions put forth about the then burgeoning nuclear energy field are pretty baffling.  Of course, that could be because they are introduced without any hint with about twenty minutes left in the movie.  Before that it was a pretty typical, if dizzyingly illogical Mike Hammer mystery.  But then a box gets opened and, without explanation, is glowing inside.  It seemed at first like yet another source Quentin Tarantino had mined for his own purposes.  But no.  It’s just a box full of constantly emanating nuclear fire.  Or something.  Whatever.  It’s weird.

Eagle Vs. Shark – So since I saw this, which was far too long ago, I’ve had the misinterpreted lyrics to “Let’s Dance” in my head.  And I wish it was a happy reminder of the rest of the movie.  Because much like the related HBO show “Flight Of The Conchords,” I would have liked to like it.

Most of the jokes that work you’ve seen in the trailer.  One or two of them were even edited to better effect in said trailer.  Otherwise it’s a lot of repeating of manufactured quirky things.  Lily (Loren Horsley) has a crooked smile that is great the first two times, but when that’s the only face she tends to have it quickly becomes annoying.  And that’s a microcosm of the whole thing.  So maybe they did it on purpose?  Good work.

Rescue Dawn – I know it’s a true story and as such, what is set up might not come to be, but when Gene (Jeremy Davies) threatens to scream while his fellow prioners attempt escape, it’s difficult not to look forward to the confrontation.  So when the timetable is moved up and Gene learns that he’s going to be shot if he stays, suddenly this tension is relieved because now they’re all in the same boat.

Along the same lines, I assume the weird crowd surfing celebration of Dieter’s (Christian Bale) return to the carrier actually happened and is here played as a kind of ironic display considering how the rest of Vietnam went, but it’s just bizarre.  And as such, unauthentic in a movie that went to lengths to be nothing but beforehand.


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