The Ten Worst Movies – 2017

11.-15 Unforgettable – Well, it was right about one thing anyway. The Shack – Sam Worthington is finally the crappy Christian movie star he was always meant to be. Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back – After the credits, Stephen Chow (who directed the first Journey To The West movie) and Tsui Hark... Continue Reading →


The Most Surprising(ly Good) Movies – 2017

1.The Shape Of Water – I don’t think there’s a good Guillermo Del Toro movie unless you can somehow count the half of Pan’s Labyrinth that is about the regular people and the war. Otherwise he seems to be one of those directors that has a few images in his mind that he thinks are... Continue Reading →

Top Five Wasted Efforts – 2017

Kirk Kerkorian – The Promise   Kirk Kerkorian is bigger than the movies. He’s celebrated and reviled in equal measure, and for a lot of different things. He might have created the modern perception of Las Vegas. He might have destroyed MGM studios. He definitely set speed records delivering planes to Britain from Canada during... Continue Reading →

And The Nominees Are… (2017)

Winners in bold.   The Tommy Lee Jones Screentime Award (For amassing the most screentime of the year): - Matt Damon (The Great Wall; Jason Bourne; Suburbicon; Downsizing; Thor: Ragnarok) - Dane DeHaan (Two Lovers And A Bear; Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets; A Cure For Wellness; Ballerina; Tulip Fever) - Woody... Continue Reading →

Awards! (2016)

For the nominations and explanations, go here!   The Tommy Lee Jones Screentime Award (for amassing the most screentime of the year): Ethan Hawke (Regression; The Phenom; Born To Be Blue; Maggie’s Plan; In A Valley Of Violence; The Magnificent Seven)   The Kevin Spacey Must Have the Best Agent Award (for appearing in the... Continue Reading →

The Ten Best Movies – 2016

2016 was not great. Not for all those reasons you just thought of. Mostly because movies weren’t that great. There may have been more good than bad, or more good than usual, but nothing was great. Last year we were seriously discussing whether or not a Mad Max movie should win Best Picture. Sylvester Stallone... Continue Reading →

The Ten Worst Movies – 2016

1. Backgammon – There are plenty of examples of people making movies based on their experience watching other movies rather than their actual experiences. The 90s thrived on such things. But it’s at least slightly more rare to find a movie based on someone watching too much philosophical spewing elitist theater.   The house in... Continue Reading →

Top Five Wasted Efforts – 2016

1. John Toll – Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk   John Toll has two Oscars. He won them in consecutive years. He’s shot some of the prettiest movies (and TV) in history and has absolutely nothing to prove to any of you. When he signed on to shoot Ang Lee’s new experimentally formatted movie, he... Continue Reading →

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